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Helping You Achieve the Future You Want

Financial Planning & Tax Planning

At Buckingham Advisors, financial planning is a process,
not a product ~ Jay A. Buckingham
(said over 30 years ago, but still true today)

Wherever you are in your life and your career, working with a financial planner enables you to move toward your financial goals more efficiently and may save you from mistakes that are costly in terms of both time and money.

Our planning process serves to align your resources with your goals and objectives to provide direction and discipline. We review your current financial situation, short and long-term objectives, and risk tolerance. We also address your estate planning and wealth transfer concerns, tax planning and philanthropic interests. This analysis is the foundation for your financial plan and key to developing the appropriate strategies to achieve your goals. 

In order to serve all clients that want to work with us, we have several different fee models, but our fundamental approach is similar for all clients. We want to get to know you, understand your dreams and goals, and help develop a plan that’s right for you, wherever you are.

For our comprehensive financial planning clients,
here’s how our process typically unfolds:

Subscription Service for Early Accumulators

Traditionally, young professionals or those just starting to accumulate assets haven’t had access to planning or advisory expertise because they didn’t have liquid assets to invest or because it was cost prohibitive. We offer a subscription-based service that enables everyone to have access to a qualified team, regardless of where you are in your career. Click for details.

Learn about our Investment Management approach