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Customized Investment Portfolios

Personalized Investment Management

Buckingham Capital Management (BCM) is responsible for the investment strategy and implementation for our team of financial planners and tax strategists. Instead of taking a standardized approach to asset allocation, we integrate tax and financial planning strategies to create customized portfolios based on your individual goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Portfolios can be coordinated with your current 401(k), TSP, and pension plans. Special instructions, strategic asset placement, and charitable giving are also incorporated. Recommended changes made to custom portfolios are previewed by your planner or advisor, reinforcing our team of teams approach.

In-House Research

BCM’s outlook, strategy, and security selections are not outsourced. Our in-house analysis is conducted by a core team of experienced and credentialed investment professionals. We do not believe there is a “one size fits all” model for stock selection. Over the course of a calendar quarter, our weekly equity review process has studied each stock holding, evaluated risks, and identified new opportunities. Then we start the process again, continually repeating and updating our equity review process.

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