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Subscription-Based Planning Services

All too often, young professionals and those just starting to accumulate assets have not had access to the expertise they need because too many in our industry choose not to work with clients whose liquid, investable assets fall below their minimums. That’s a pity – and at Buckingham Advisors, we’ve found a way to fix the problem with our subscription service for early accumulators (more on that below).

Subscription Service for Early Accumulators

Our subscription-based service enables us to serve you wherever you are in your career. For $150 per month, we will assist you in defining your financial goals, establish a plan to meet those goals, and monitor your progress along the way. 

Subscription Services include:

  • Initial discovery
    In-depth conversation about your goals and financial questions via video conferencing, phone call or an in-person meeting.
  • Onboarding meeting
    Continued conversation, either in person, via video conferencing or conference call to deliver initial suggestions based on the information that we gathered during the discovery process.
  • Semi-annual review meeting
    Meetings with your financial planner to monitor your progress toward your goals and answer any current questions.
  • Review of short- and medium-term financial goals
    This may include saving for your next home, reducing debt, or saving for your child’s education. Our team of professionals will help you develop a plan to meet your goals.
  • Initial life insurance analysis
    We will determine if you are adequately insured through your current coverage and suggestions on additional coverage (if needed).
  • Retirement accumulation projection
    Based on your current assets and recurring retirement contributions, we will assess your progress towards your retirement savings goal. We will also provide suggestions on changes that should be implemented if you are not on track to meet your retirement goals. This plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis to keep up with the changes in your life.
  • Semi-annual employer retirement plan review
    We will review your current allocation and provide suggestions within the parameters of your plan to help achieve your goals.
  • Access to our educational content
    This includes periodic newsletter articles, live events and webinars delivered by our team of professionals
  • Annual review of your compensation and benefit elections
    We will take a look at all your employee and executive benefits, including tax withholdings and retirement plan contributions.
  • Annual review of your current beneficiary designations
    And estate documents to assure that these important elections stay current with the changes in your life.
  • Access to a professional financial planner
    For the routine but inevitable financial questions that come up in your life.

The successful implementation of this program requires the client’s participation in the completion of tasks and information to be provided to our office in a timely manner. This service does not include property & casualty insurance review, budgeting, estate document or tax return preparation. Individuals will need to sign a Financial Planning Agreement and arrange automatic billing.