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Meet Samantha Sloane ...

Parents / Mid-Career

Samantha Sloane is a 45-year-old veterinarian and single mother of teenage twins. The children are looking forward to attending The Ohio State University in a few years just like their mother did. Samantha has been dutifully saving for retirement in employer plans for the past twenty years but helping fund her kids college education has become increasingly important to her. She has a decent start but wants to know the right way to structure the accounts and allocate the investments to be able to adequately cover the cost of their college education, as well as her own retirement.

Does this sound like you?

  • Need advice on college savings
  • Want to know how best to plan for retirement
  • Would like guidance on the best ways to save on taxes
  • Seek answers for estate planning concerns

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She has not updated her will since her kids were little and she has other estate planning concerns, including how her children could have access to, and make the most of, her retirement funds should something happen to her.

Samantha feels she is probably on track for a secure retirement but isn’t sure now given recent market volatility and geopolitical news.

She is also uncertain about whether or not she has the right mix of stocks and bonds to make her investments last through retirement. With no pension, and being skeptical about when and what Social Security benefits will be available to her when the time comes to retire from the workforce, she is looking for planning and investment advice that will serve her well during her career and during retirement.

In addition, Samantha would like a tax professional to take a second look at her most recent tax return to ensure she is making the right moves with deductions and charitable contributions. She has recently become intrigued by stories she saw online about owning vacation rental properties and cryptocurrencies and would like to know more about the tax implications of each.

Samantha loves to travel and has taken her children to more than half of the 50 states, with an Alaskan cruise on her mind as a high school graduation gift. She expects to continue to travel domestically and internationally as long as she is able.

Sound familiar?

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