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Financial and Tax Planning Resources

2023 - Q4 Quarterly Keynote Thumbnail

2023 - Q4 Quarterly Keynote

The fourth quarter saw year-to-date highs in stock prices, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 37,000 for the first time. The intertwined elements of lower inflation, expectations of Fed rate cuts, and lower interest rates were the primary drivers of higher stock prices and higher bond returns.

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2023 - Q3 Quarterly Keynote  Thumbnail

2023 - Q3 Quarterly Keynote

The third quarter saw year-to-date highs in stock prices in late July but also multi-year highs in interest rates towards the end of the quarter. Higher rates were the primary driver of lower stock prices to finish the quarter, with many stock markets posting a quarterly loss for the first time since Q3 of 2022.

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