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Virtual Event - Achieving Balance with Dr. Travis Parry Thumbnail

Virtual Event - Achieving Balance with Dr. Travis Parry

Original Air Date: October 25, 2022

What is Work/Life Balance, and is it even achievable? We often get burned out while trying to achieve all our goals. Learning to cope with stress is vital to avoiding this sense of burnout and instead have a feeling of balance, clarity, and energy.

Join us live as Dr. Travis Parry educates and entertains by sharing his Make Time Method™ to help people de-stress their lives and realize more joy. In this talk, he will will teach effective coping strategies and applicable skills to use in everyday life. Using these skills will improve our mental health and help us achieve our life’s goals in a balanced way.

Hosted by: Jay A. Buckingham, CFP®, Chief Executive Officer.

Keynote Speaker:Dr. Travis Parry

* Author of the #1 Bestselling Book “Achieving Balance”
* Host of the Balanced Advisor Podcast, and Founder of the Make Time Institute
* Education includes: Ph.D. in Family and Human Development and Masters degree in Psychology

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