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Are You Sure You're on the
Right Financial Path?

Free Second Opinion

It goes without saying that we are all living through unprecedented times. But while we are all managing life’s myriad of details and complexities, we must all remain vigilant about financial matters. Tax rates could be changing. The SECURE Act and the CARES Act have complicated financial planning. The stock market will continue to provide opportunities as well as potential concerns.

Your investment strategy and financial plan need to be rock solid. And you absolutely, positively need a team of professionals you trust to provide thoughtful, unbiased advice and related tax strategy, investment management, personal financial planning and strategic business services.

  • Are you wondering whether your financial life is on the right path?
  • Is your current team (assuming you have one) addressing all of your current and potential needs?
  • Is your investment portfolio designed to meet your goals? Is it aligned with your risk tolerance?
  • Do you have this nagging feeling that you (or your current team of professionals) might be missing something?

Wonder no more. Put those nagging thoughts to rest. At Buckingham Advisors, we work with clients on all their financial needs – personal, family and business. And the reality is, no matter how competent your current team of professionals is – and matter how smart you are if you are a “do it yourselfer” – a second opinion couldn’t hurt. We may uncover something important in the discovery and exploration phase of conversation.

Contact us to schedule your free, initial consultation now.