The Robotic Home Invasion Continues-What’s for Dinner

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    by Bill Howard
    Manager of IT Services

    A few months back, we talked about Robots in our home and everyday life. Since then I have been testing a robotic vacuum cleaner. The model I selected is the Samsung Airborne Copper. As I stated before, this robotic vacuum really “sucks”, which is not a bad thing. It has vacuum suction power which is quite impressive for such a small machine. I have two large dogs at home, and I have been satisfied with the functionality of this little machine. It has plenty of battery power to cover one floor of my home, and it is consistently able to find its way back “home” to it’s charging base. It has a decent size dust bin that fills up before the battery depletes and may need emptied before finishing a floor of your home. But to be fair, my two large dogs do track in plenty of farm dirt. After all, what good is a vacuum if it’s collection container never gets full? Overall I have been impressed with this machine and would comfortably recommend it.

    Now that the floors are clean, what’s for dinner? The convenience and popularity of robotic machinery in our homes brings more exciting technological developments. Moley Robotics from Berkley Square, London has been developing a robotic chef called MK1. Moley states “a pair of fully articulated robotic hands now reproduce the entire function of human hands with the same speed, sensitivity and movement.” This is a set of robotic arms permanently mounted in your kitchen just above your stove. The arms can reach ingredients from a closely mounted refrigerated pantry. You will be able to ask “what’s for dinner?” and your kitchen robot will answer based on available ingredients and desired recipes. We will be able to communicate with the robot as to what time we want a meal prepared. Isn’t it always nice to come home and already have dinner prepared?

    Meal planning becomes very easy when all you need to do is pick your meals from the recipe catalog. Once your meals are planned, a report can be generated to let you know which ingredients need to be purchased and stocked in the pantry. Add a device like Amazon Echo and let “Alexa” place your order so that you don’t even have to go to the store to pick it up. Moley states that the “MK1 can download a recipe and reproduce it exactly as the MasterChef would have cooked it, wherever you are in the world.”

    The MK1 was revealed at CES Asia 2015 and was awarded the Best of the Best Award. The consumer version is due to be released sometime this year and will include an iTunes recipe app. With the ability to bring world class cooking skills into your home, the Moley robotic chef is sure to be a hit in tomorrow’s high end home market.

    We will be watching this development closely and are very interested to hear of anyone looking to install this technology in their home or offices. As always, Sunrise Technology is interested in hearing about your technology challenges and is willing to assist you in your adventure. Please contact us at (937) 610-7780.